het spirituele hart

anahata chakra, het spirituele hart

The Spiritual Heart

The human being is said to have three hearts. One is physical and can be dissected by the surgeon’s knife. The psychic heart is that heart that is led by an orderly mind. The spiritual heart has control over heart and mind both. It is not subject to sorrow, pain and misery.

In the human body there are two hemispheres—the upper and the lower—and there are seven spheres. That which connects both hemispheres is called anahata chakra. This is the spiritual heart. It is located at the space between the two breasts.

This chakra is represented by two interlocking triangles. The triangle that is pointing upward represents human endeavor, and the triangle pointing downward is the grace of God, or the descending force. That which is pointed upward is the ascending force. Together they form a star. The Jewish tradition calls it the star of David, the Christian tradition calls it the cross of the Sacred Heart, and the Hindu tradition calls it the anahata chakra. When the mind is focused on the spiritual heart, it attains a state of deep concentration.