het geheim van Yoga

An old story is told about the beginning of time. The universe was in the process of being created and not everything was yet in order or fully functioning. Before the universe could be totally engaged, the Creator had one final task to complete. To help him complete this task the Lord summoned an angel.

The angel came. The Creator told the angel that he, the Lord, had one last job to do in the making of the universe.“I saved the best for last,” the Creator told the angel. “I have here the real meaning of human life, the treasure of life, the purpose and goal of all this that I have created. “Because this treasure is valuable beyond description,” the Creator continued, “I want you to hide it. Hide this treasure so well that human beings will know its value to be immeasurable.“I will do so, Lord,” said the angel. “I will hide the treasure of life on the highest mountain top.“The treasure will be too easy to find there,” said the Creator.“Then,” said the angel, “I will hide the treasure in the great desert wilderness. Surely, the treasure will not be easily found there.“No, too easy. “In the vast reaches of the universe?” asked the angel. “That would make a difficult search.“No,” the Creator said pondering. Then his face showed a flash of inspiration. “I know. I have the place. Hide the treasure of life within the human being. He will look there last and know how precious this treasure is. Yes, hide the treasure there.” ♥

Uit Kathopanishad : Dit is een tekst die het mysterie van de dood en de zin van het leven onthult . Van alle upanishads, Kathopanishad is de meest heldere en toegankelijke die de kennis van Atman en het hiernamaals mooi weergeeft. Het geeft duidelijke alternatieven betreffende het doel van het leven en de uiteindelijke keuzen die gemaakt moeten worden.


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